Thursday, August 19, 2010


So last night I finally got to go see one of my favorite ALL TIME FREAKIN BANDS. And they actually came to Charleston! Yeah, I'm just as shocked as everyone else was.







Special thanks go out to Steve Jobs for making the iPhone 4 camera particularly epic! I actually shot some video during a few songs (Including Not Even Jail, which is one of my favorite Interpol songs), but I'm being super lazy and I don't want to upload it right now.

In other recent news, it looks like I'm possibly moving to Boston by January. Fingers crossed.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


It's no secret that I have a serious shopping addiction. Seriously though, what chick doesn't? But instead of spending all of my money on Net-A-Porter I have fully embraced the good ol' Goodwill! I have always been a huge fan of thrift stores/Salvation Army/Goodwill Stores because I find the craziest shit for dirt cheap, and NO ONE else is going to have it which makes it even more exciting. Think about it, nothing beats digging through piles of old smelly clothing that an old man/woman may or may not have died in! But in all seriousness I love LOVE these places and lately I've been hitting the sweater goldmine, probably because it's about 100 degrees outside here and just the thought of wearing a wool sweater is vomit-inducing. These two handmade vintage Norwegian sweaters are so amazing, from the patterns to the intricate pewter buttons.

Can't beat this color scheme!


Thrifty Fierce-ness

Pattern Close-UP

I seriously can't wait for fall so I can wear these. In fact I've got a few more that I'll try to photograph. I've gotten some awesome stuff at the GW/SA lately so there will be more dedicated posts. I'll give you one hint: GOLD DUELING LION HEAD BELT BUCKLE.