Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Well thank you, sometimes sweet!!

So I totally forgot I had a blog...until I saw my face plastered all over one of my favorite blogs! I feel like a blog failure a bit, unfortunately it's a bit of a common trend with me to forget one day and then forget all together (I posted in a livejournal TWICE! In 8th grade!)

So imagine my surprise when I saw my face staring back at me from Danielle's blog! I sent that shizz in about a year and a half ago because Tattoo Tuesday is my favorite of all of her posts. Well, that and her all kinds of adorable son, but that's another story. I honestly didn't think it would be featured (because Im not exactly interesting), but I guess I was wrong....

Is this the kick in the pants I need to blog? Maybe. Am I a self-confessed lazy ass? Definitely. Well have to see what kind of dedication (and memory) I have, but I'll give it the old college try.

Even though I dropped out of college.

Three times.