Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dirty Little Secret of the Day

I like to watch cooking shows. And I can't cook to save my life. And I don't eat any animal products, yet love to watch other people cook with things I'll never eat.

Now I'm not talking about the Food Network. I can't stand any of the "chefs", and even the once Bad-Ass Bitch Ina Garten has lost her allure now that her oversized denim shirt wearing self is plastered all over Williams-Sonoma. It just seems so fake, so commercialized, and the sight of Guy Fieri makes me want to vomit. Is anyone else tempted to steal the glasses off the back of his head and beat him senseless with them?

Moving on........There are exceptions to everything. And they all happen to be British. Gordon Ramsay is watchable, and Nigella Lawson? A-MAZING. But I have to say that without a doubt the most entertaining food show ever created is.........Two. Fat. Ladies.

How epic are these ladies? Not only are they unapologetically unhealthy as all Hell, they're impossible not to like. Oh, you have a bushel of fresh picked artichokes? Well let's hollow this sucker out and stuff it with bacon and lard! And smear some more lard on top for decoration. And dump the whole thing in a vat of butter.

Yeah, these bitches would do that. Because they're amazing.

Harvest those weird, oversized periwinkle things, girl!

If you think for a minute that I'm not downloading the entire 4 seasons of this show as I type this, you are SORELY mistaken.

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  1. I found your blog through Sometimes Sweet and you are cracking me up. Good show.

    Superstition Vintage