Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Finished Craft of 2011!

Holy crap, it's the New Year!

I hope everyone (Who am I kidding, no one reads this shit!) had a lovely New Year's Eve. I personally spent it vomiting. Yes, I rang in the New Year with an awesome 24-hour stomach virus.

If that doesn't start 2011 off with a bang (or a projectile vomit frenzy), I don't know what does. But moving on......

I don't do New Years resolutions very well. I always pick something like "exercise more!" or "stop spending so much money on clothes I never wear!" or "attempt to like people!". In other words, I never stick with it. But does anyone really stick with resolutions? My dad is quitting smoking, and I would bet my favorite Balenciaga wayfarers that he won't last longer than a week.

Except I wouldn't bet those glasses. They're Balenciaga, for fuck's sake!

Instead I've created goals for myself, mostly because if I don't do them I won't feel guilty about it. My first goal that I have already started on is........DO MORE CRAFTS! And I've started off 2011 with a sweet Rasta-Inspired infinity scarf!

To be quite honest, I started this a while ago intending it to be a lap quilt but I just got sick of working on it and put it in my closet. And then I found it again and figured it would make a sick scarf. And HELLZ YES IT DOES!

Me looking stupid in a scarf.

Isn't it lovely? And it's so warm and versatile! I am a huge fan of infinity scarves because they look so cool with everything, and crocheting them is a quick way to add a great accessory to your winter wardrobe. Not that it gets very cold down here, but whatever.

"Do More Crafts" is actually the only goal I've added to my list as of yet. But I will be adding things as time progresses. Like "Get More Tattoos" and "Save Some Money, You Idiot".

Bring it on, 2011!

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  1. I'm reading! :)

    The scarf is cute - I need to get back into crafting!x